Patented Robotics Application for the Future of Retail

We aim to revolutionize the beauty and wellness industries by elevating the retail experience

Our mission

Through our patented robotics application, we curate an unparalleled, experiential journey that is both captivating and personalized.

 By creating an omnichannel retail experience that harmoniously blends in-person and digital shopping, we ensure relevance in a rapidly changing market. 

Our Story

In 2019 we built the MVP into a 14' moving truck. Next step is our first experiential robot kiosk

We aim to build an interconnected network of kiosks in high foot trafficked areas across the US

These experiential robot kiosks serve multiple purposes including collecting and aggregating data using AI and machine learning as well as storing order history and preferences, all to optimize customer experience.

Meet ADE

Leveraging technology to drive transformative beauty and wellness practices to elevate quality of life.

Why robots? Consumers are evolving and want experiences more than anything, now imagine interacting with a robot to create personalized products, like shea butter, on demand. 


AI generated data and analytics for optimized, personalized shopping

Desentralized Manufacturing & Fulfilment

Precise and fast production with < 20% downtime; no 3rd party manufacturers

Sales & Marketing Tool

Placed in high visibility locations (malls, airports) for exposure

For inquiries about licensing our tech, email us at