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yateou / ya-tour / "exceptional"
There is no one-size fits all when it comes to beauty and wellness


We, at yateou, are committed to empowering consumers by equipping them with CLEAN, TRANSPARENT and ETHICALLY-SOURCED resources so they intentionally and purposefully invest in their wellbeing. We believe when people feel good they look good and when they look good, they feel good. This cycle sparks a positive influence which ultimately translates to every aspect of their lives.

Our message is simple: everyone is valuable, everyone matters.

Yateou was created for everyone, especially underserved people groups, as a solution to the lack of safe and inclusive products in the market.

Rising consumer awareness indicates that people are looking for brands that are inclusive, transparent about the ingredients in the products and honest about wellness claims. All of our ingredients are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free which immediately eliminates the exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins that are concerning. Additionally, our unique application allows consumers to mix and match different ingredients to create products tailored to their unique hair, skin and wellness needs.

Our botanical oils are rich in vitamins, proteins, nutrients, and fatty acids

100% Natural, plant based oils packed with anti-oxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral properties

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Clean beauty

Conscious wellness

Did you know that majority of the products in the market have really harsh chemicals and toxins that cause everything from allergies to reproductive dysfunction and even cancer?!

Not only are our ingredients 100% naturalvegan and plant based but they are also ethically sourced - we deliver premium, high quality products that are safe and USDA certified 

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Eco - friendly

We care about our planet

Our packaging, from our bottles to our packing materials and boxes, is made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials to demonstrate our commitment to doing our part to cut down our impact on the planet. 

Simple & practical

Our bottles are sturdy and beautifully and purposefully designed with a message to bring joy

Each bottle comes with a top for storage and a dropper cap for ease of use

Inclusive design

Reuse . Recycle . Repurpose

80% of our packaging is sustainable and can be recycled, reused and/or repurposed; we are constantly looking for ways to have zero waste.

We love creativity! Our bottles have been repurposed and used as cute mini flower jars, container for bath salts and even to hold incense. 

What will you do with your bottle? Be sure to tag and share with us!

Invest in your wellbeing

Meet Our Founder

Hello! I don't know about you but for me, it has always been a challenge to find products in the market that cater to my unique hair and skin needs. Remember that awkward quirky kid with the unfortunate hair and terrible skin? Yup, that was me! Lol.

My self-care and wellness journey only started a couple years ago after experiencing alot of loss and heartbreak. In my recovery, I discovered I liked the person looking back at me in the mirror and I determined that person had earned the right to shine in all her natural quirky glory.

I wanted to take better care of myself by addressing some of the hair and skincare issues i've had throughout my life but I found the products in the market were very toxic and not inclusive so out of frustration, I started mixing and matching different ingredients to find the right blends for my personal care needs and yateou was born! I created yateou, which means exceptional, for myself and others who need the beautiful reminder that we are valuable and we matter.I want to change the status quo in the beauty and wellness industry and contribute to building a world where everyone has the ability to invest in their well being.

My hope is that you are inundated by our message of self-love, self-care and wellness and ultimately, my friends, it all transpires to you living your very best life.



10% of our profit goes towards uplifting and moving the world forward.
We are committed to replenishing the natural resources utilized as well as supporting impoverished and underserved communities globally. Our Cause: