About Us


We acknowledge that there is no one size fits all when it comes to beauty and wellness. We are all about enabling people to invest in their wellbeing and embrace their authenticity.

Our message is simple: everyone is valuable, everyone matters.

Yateou was created for everyone, especially underserved people groups, as a solution to the lack of safe and inclusive products in the market.

Founded on community, social good and innovation, we promote personal care, wellness and empowerment. Our goal is to be an ally and safe space for self-discovery; and by creatively engaging consumers to invest in their wellbeing, we believe we can impact lives positively.

Do Good

Yateou is on a mission to do good, we care about people and our planet. We are committed to replenishing the natural resources utilized. Our ingredients are sourced ethically and our operations, from packing to practices, are sustainable. We continually look for ways to innovate and improve.

From day one, we set out to be synonymous with social good and a positive change agent for underprivileged communities. 10% of all profit goes towards women empowerment initiatives – research shows that women are the core of the family and community and when they are supported and empowered, everybody wins. Lastly, we are engaging in the conversation to bridge the technological divide and close the gap for underserved communities here in the US.

We are committed to moving the world forward, positively.

Invest In YOU

Clean Beauty

Conscious wellness

The beauty industry is overdue for a change. Not only do majority of women feel their needs aren’t represented but the average woman uses 12 products daily which exposes her to 168 chemicals and ingredients a lot of which have now been linked by the medical community to everything from allergies to cancer and even reproductive dysfunction!

Rising consumer awareness indicates that people are looking for brands that are inclusive, transparent about the ingredients in the products and honest about wellness claims. All of our products have 10 ingredients or less, we use ingredients that people recognize and can pronounce and they are all chemical free which immediately eliminates the exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins. Additionally, our unique platform allows consumers to mix and match different ingredients to create products tailored to their unique hair, skin and wellness needs. We want consumers to invest in their wellbeing.

Meet Dayo

Hello! I don't know about you but for me, it has always been a challenge to find products in the market that cater to my unique hair and skin needs. My self-care and wellness journey only started a couple years ago after experiencing alot of loss and heartbreak. In my recovery, I discovered I liked the person looking back at me in the mirror and I needed to invest in my wellbeing. I wanted to take better care of myself by addressing some of the hair and skincare issues i've had throughout my life but I found the products in the market were very toxic and not inclusive so out of frustration, I started mixing and matching different ingredients to find the right blends for my personal care needs and yateou was born! I created yateou, which means exceptional, for myself and others who need the beautiful reminder that we are valuable and we matter.I want to change the status quo in the beauty and wellness industry and contribute to building a world where everyone has the ability to invest in their well being. My hope is that you are inundated by our message of self-love, self-care and wellness and ultimately, my friends, it all transpires to you living your very best life.